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Medical Image Sharing


Fast, Reliable AND Affordable Medical Image Sharing

Powerful Collaboration On-demand access to large or small data sets with flexible policy control over your patient’s information. OneSource makes it easy to securely share images across multi-specialties with high performance cloud computing. Go beyond accessing images within the network. OneSource enables you to work efficiently from any location with access to nonproprietary DICOM images, priors and clinical information. Vendor neutral, we provide an integration point where multiple systems and archives can share images. Our advanced visualization tools go beyond radiology making it possible for ordering physicians such as vascular surgeons, oncologists and cardiologists to access moving or stationary 3 dimensional images.

Proportional & Scalable OneSource gives smaller organizations and primary care providers an economically feasible way to capture, store and share their patient’s images.

Beyond Imaging our OneSource network gives you access to other physicians, specialists and colleagues. We provide visibility to organization and individuals looking to expand their services in the marketplace. Looking for consultation or a reading specialist? We can connect you!

How medical image sharing works

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